A 5-Minute Night Time Skin Care Routine with Unilever Network Philippines

What is included in a 5-minute night time skin care routine?

  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliating
  • Treatment Products
  • Apply Serums
  • Use Eye Cream
  • Moisturize



There are days when you feel so tired that you just want to go to bed to get your well-deserved shut-eye. Every day, you go through activities that expose you to heat, pollution, and dirt, so it’s no wonder your skin is tired as well.

So before you think of snuggling up in bed, why not give your skin its well-deserved pampering too?

Replenishing skin care is easy with the products of reputable brands such as Unilever Network Philippines. Of course, these products aren’t going to apply themselves, so it’s up to you to formulate a routine and stick to it.

Results do not come overnight but having this 5-minute night time skin care routine will help you progress towards that glowing skin. Having an easy nighttime regime will help you boost your confidence for the next day and prove that beauty sleep really works.

Do not use exhaustion as an excuse for not undergoing a skin care routine. Unilever Network Philippines will be your partner in achieving the goal of skin recovery and rejuvenation.

With this, you will get a sounder sleep, knowing that you are ready to face the next day with a smile on your flawless face. Here are the steps in doing your 5-minute night time skin care routine:





A good cleanse is always essential to get rid of your makeup and the dirt trapped in your pores. To avoid breakouts from happening, never leave makeup on while you sleep. Cosmetics that you leave on your skin overnight are likely to clog your pores and can lead to skin blotches and irritations.

The residue of makeup still clings to your skin even if you wipe it off so a proper cleanse is essential for this.

Cleansing your skin should be always gentle. A gentle cleanse will remove bad particles that are harmful to your skin and it will leave enough of your skin’s natural oils behind.

Do this by using a cleanser and your fingertips, or use a soft washcloth. If you cleanse your skin too harshly or use harmful products, you could strip off all of the oil off your skin, leaving your skin dull and irritated.

Prevent future skin problems by going gentle on your skin and you’ll notice it becoming smooth and fair as well.




The next step that comes after you cleanse is exfoliating. Exfoliating daily would be too much for your skin so make sure that you do only do it once or twice a week.

Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin which means that any treatment product that you apply afterward will be fully absorbed.

As they are able to dive deeper into the skin, exfoliants would not get blocked by dirt and rough skin cells that are sitting on the surface.

Exfoliate with a gentle, all-natural exfoliant because other products with crushed or ground ingredients can be too sharp and may even bring more damage to your skin.



Treatment Products

These treatment products include but are not limited to benzoyl peroxide, retinoid, topical acne medication, prescription creams, and face masks.

The mentioned products are useful in treating stubborn acne, age spots, uneven texture or anything in between. Applying them in the evening will result in a freshly cleansed skin.

Using these products have a number of skin care benefits like reducing clogged pores, evening out skin tone, anti-aging effects, and promoting collagen building.

Treating common skin problems with these products are effective because they contain active and intense ingredients that are optimized for every skin type. It works best if you follow a regular routine in applying them.

Soothing face masks after applying your treatment products will calm and cool your skin.



Apply Serums

Apply Serums

Serums contain concentrated active ingredients, and they are usually in smaller containers because using a little bit is enough to receive the skin benefits it gives.

Your skin is now cleansed, primed, and treated, so you would want to apply a serum at this stage.

Doing this on your bare and clean skin before applying moisturizer or heavy creams means that those concentrated ingredients will penetrate the skin without any problem.



Using Eye Cream

Eye creams are useful for brightening tired eyes and boosting collagen.

Incorporating it into your nighttime beauty routine will be an easy way to maintain a youthful glow because eye creams protect and hydrate the delicate skin in the under-eye area.

The under-eye area is very delicate because it has thinner skin. Applying an eye cream will allow you to reap all of its benefits. Incorporating it into your nighttime beauty routine will be an easy way to maintain a youthful glow because eye creams protect and hydrate the delicate skin in the under-eye area.

Take note that there are eye creams that are formulated with caffeine, which reduces puffiness, and niacinamide, which will increase moisture levels to keep skin from drying out and reduces wrinkles.




Moisturizers can energize your skin’s appearance because they can make your skin feel softer and supple. A great moisturizer contains antioxidants, peptides, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A.

Simply hydrating your skin with a reliable product will give you a beautiful glow.

As your skin cells regenerate at night, this is the ideal time to use a moisturizer to care for your skin.

Consistency is the key to a good moisturizer so always make sure that you put in a place where you can always see it.

Always guarantee that you won’t forget this important step in your nighttime skin care routine.



Key Takeaway

Having a night time routine will allow your skin to rest and keep it healthy. Make sure that you start with the lightest to the heaviest or thickest product. Be consistent in taking care of your skin and you will eventually be able to reap its long-term benefits.

How Beyonde Can Help Relieve Your Dry and Sensitive Skin

How can Beyonde help relieve your dry and sensitive skin?

  • It regulates oil production
  • It prevents acne
  • It delays the skin aging process
  • Healthy infusion of vitamins and antioxidants



The skin helps protect your organs from toxins and diseases and taking care of it should be an essential part of your day.

Having dry skin is one of the most common skin concerns that you should treat immediately. Dry skin results from various factors such as poor hygiene, heredity, and sun exposure.

With the help of Beyonde, your dull, cracked, or itchy skin will turn into a healthy, supple, and glowing complexion.

You can combat this by maintaining a healthy diet with foods that contain nutrients, supplemented by vitamins and minerals found in Beyonde products, and quitting vices such as smoking.

Applying skin treatment products can only do so much. Dealing with dry skin from inward your body will result in more long-term effects. Investing in supplements can support healthy skin and reduction of skin dryness.

To avoid adverse side effects from supplements, seek your doctor’s guidance before using them. Want to know how Beyonde can help in alleviating your dry and sensitive skin, then read on below:



It Regulates Oil Production

It Regulates Oil Production

Beyonde Omega-3 Plus’ main ingredient is fish oil which is a popular supplement in supplying your body with Omega-3 fatty acids which you may lack in your diet. This supplement can contain Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and this can help you in getting rid of acne.

Foods that are rich in fish oil are anchovies, mackerels, salmons, sardines, tunas, and herrings but if you don’t like eating fish, the supplements will be the best alternative for you.

Fish oil supplements can still provide you with the necessary nutrients. Taking these supplements on a daily basis will result in significant acne reduction.

This is possible because the EPA that is found in fish oil restricts the formation of androgen – which is a hormone that produces sebum (skin oil) within the hair follicle. The more androgen your body has, the more sebum it will produce.

Excessive sebum results in more chances of an acne breakout.

By reducing the production of keratin and the size of your sebaceous glands, fish oil can keep pores from getting clogged which will release excessive sebum from your skin.

The supplement will help regulate oil production to boost hydration, and EPA can help block the presence of UV-induced enzymes that damage the collagen production, causing lines and sagging skin.



It Prevents Acne

These products contain vitamins and minerals that are essential to the normal shedding of dead skin cells which build up inside the pore and will result in acne. The buildup of the excess production of skin cells is one of the main causes of acne so it is best that your body sheds this skin naturally.

The vitamin functions by preventing clogged pores, and it also acts as an anti-inflammatory for the skin to help reduce swollen, red and sore acne breakouts.

From mild to moderate cases of acne, the healthy skin benefits of ingesting supplements that contain important nutrients needed by the body are non-discriminatory.

These vitamins will surely bring you desired results. Maximum benefits that come from their primary role in treating acne will be displayed if you pair it with the proper diet and hygiene.

Inflammation is the main cause of acne and a supplement with anti-inflammatory agents will do the trick in clearing them off for good, not to mention that inflammation can also result in other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis.



It Delays the Skin Aging Process

It Delays the Skin Aging Process

Beyonde products can delay the skin’s aging process because they contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents which can protect you from sun damage and help repair your skin.

Blocking the release of UV-induced enzymes that eat away at your collagen which causes wrinkles and fine lines, these supplements are a big help in reducing the production of other common skin problems.

People who consume diets and supplements can harvest many important functions for clearing acne. The products can also boost hydration which can be the answer to uncomfortably dry, flaky, and reddened skin. For this, you have the moisture-depleting environment to blame.

Supplements that have skin-hydrating boosters can smooth away the dryness of your skin. Sensitive skin is a combination of oily and dry skin, and the supplements will aid you to renew your skin in a way that does not leave a trace of these skin problems.



Healthy Infusion of Vitamins and Antioxidants

Face it, no matter how much you formulate a diet plan, you won’t be able to stick with it all the time. Taking supplements can be your aid in doing so. A healthy, hydrated skin will be achieved by different combinations of these essential nutrients.

An example is the Beyonde Life Sential, a dietary health supplement of over 50 types of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The nutritional content is an accumulation of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, coenzyme Q10, extracts from melon, chlorella, and shitake.

Beyonde products can supply you with the nutrients you lack which in turn, can do wonders for the health of your skin.



Key Takeaway

Ingesting the right supplements can give long-term health benefits. Increasing the supply of vitamins and minerals that you won’t otherwise get from a regular diet is the main function of these supplements.

Just make sure that you have a reliable brand to help you with this like the Unilever Network Philippines, and you’ll be all set.

Unilever Network Philippines: Everything You Need to Know About Double Cleansing


What are things you need to know about double cleansing?

  • It removes sweat, bacteria, and old skin cells.
  • It helps in the removal of pore-clogging and irritating environmental agents.
  • It lessens breakouts and acne.
  • It lightens your complexion.



A lot of people have a misconception that double cleansing is only about washing your face twice. But it is definitely a lot more than just taking off your makeup and getting rid of the dirt on your face.

Double cleansing, especially with products from Unilever Network Philippines, will force you to reformulate your skincare regimen.

This is a simple and easy way to achieve a much cleaner face because it gets rid of excess makeup, deep-seated oil, and dead skin that the typical face wash cannot. Double cleansing is also useful if you are living in a polluted climate, or if you are constantly exposed to the harsh rays of the sun.

The secret to a better skin is not just about the products you are using or in how much time you spend on skincare, but knowing an effective method and sticking to it. Double cleansing is one of those methods.

So how does double cleansing lead to a cleaner and clearer skin, and what are the benefits it can give you? Read on to find out!



It removes sweat, bacteria, and old skin cells.

It removes sweat, bacteria, and old skin cells.

Double cleansing gently draws out debris on your skin such as sweat and dirt. Using an oil cleanser can help you get rid of excess dirt can be the cause of your breakouts.

Cleansing two times will clean your pores and remove any impurities that keep you from having a natural skin. This is especially useful if you are living in a pollution-ridden city, with the levels of smoke and dirt that you encounter resulting in acne breakouts.

It is also scientifically proven that pollution and environmental toxins can accelerate the aging process. So if you’re probably wondering why you feel so haggard and stress all the time, this is probably because of the environment you are in.

So this proves that you also need to take into account your lifestyle when double cleansing to maintain the clear skin you have achieved.



It helps in the removal of pore-clogging and irritating environmental agents.

Adhering to the double cleansing technique helps in reducing pore-clogging and irritating environmental agents. As previously mentioned, you have to think about the environmental factors because they might hamper you from achieving a nourished skin.

Since double cleansing is not just a matter of wash, rinse, and repeat, the cleansing oil you’ll initially be using will dig in deep in your pores to remove any excess dirt that might be hiding there. This method also combats dryness and dullness.

Using only facial cleansers that are water-based can still leave off your makeup and dirt in your skin because rinsing them off doesn’t mean that you have completely eradicated makeup and grime on your face. Try a gentle face wash to use with your oil-based cleanser; these two will allow you to wholly reap the benefits that this skincare regimen can offer.


It lessens breakouts and acne.

It lessens breakouts and acne.

In order to do the proper cleanse, you have to be thorough with your technique. Do not use products that will leave your skin dry. You may choose from the wide variety of Unilever Network Philippines’ skincare products to start your double cleanse routine now.

Be mindful of other products that promise a clearer skin because, most often than not, they will be the cause of your breakouts. Choose the one that delivers results.

Double cleansing is known to lessen breakouts and cystic acne because of its properties that can remove the first layer of sebum, makeup, sunscreen and deeper layers of pore bacteria. This will give way to a clear skin even in skin types that are easily irritated.



It lightens your complexion.

Looking to achieve a radiant, blemish-free complexion? Double cleansing is the answer to that.

In double cleansing, the first cleansing with an oil-based cleanser sloughs off the dirt from your face. This leads to a smoother and more supple skin. After that, the water-based facial wash maintains the cleanliness of the skin; this will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Because of these numerous cleansing properties, your skin will be free from dullness, giving way to a lightened complexion!

This method is also beneficial to sensitive skin types because it will gently remove excess sebum without drying your face.



Key Takeaway

Know your skin type before you go on a double cleansing routine. Although this method is suitable for all skin types, it also pays to know everything you need to know about this skincare method first.

The results will not be worth it if you cannot maintain them, so make sure that you have the right set of products to help you. Confused? Then look no further because the Unilever Network Philippines products are here!


5 Skin Benefits of a Healthy Diet

What are the 5 skin benefits of a healthy diet?

  1. Clear Skin
  2. Sun Protection
  3. A Fresh Complexion
  4. Natural Glow
  5. Moisturized Skin



The key to nourishing your skin is by taking care of it as much as you can.

You should invest in reliable skin care tools like your moisturizer, toner, and Beyonde products to supplement the beauty of your skin.

But aside from these, are you paying attention to maintaining a healthy diet?

Knowing what food to eat to make your skin look better is a step in optimizing your nutrition practices so that you can receive as much health benefits as possible.

The good thing about having a healthy diet is that you have can have a supplement partner like Beyonde to help your body get the proper amount of vitamins and minerals it needs.

At the same time, it is an ideal way for you to achieve a radiant complexion and a natural glow.

These skin benefits you can get with a healthy diet will convince you to shift your attention from unhealthy food to nutritious ones.

Clear Skin

There are many products promising clear skin if you try them, but an all-natural method will help you avoid committing skin blunders.

Eating food that contains vitamin C is vital for the formation of collagen, which is the skin’s support structure. A strong support layer helps smooth out the top layer of your skin and helps reduce blemishes.

The best food to consume for this are the following:

  • whole grain foods,
  • strawberries,
  • citrus fruits,
  • red peppers, and
  • broccoli.

A low-glycemic diet, such as that found in white bread and sugar, may reduce acne.

This is because a low-glycemic diet keeps your insulin steady, while carbohydrates and sugar can elevate it, resulting in a boost in androgen hormones that can cause pimples.

Aim for consuming a slice of bread or a cup of cooked grains each day so you can have the whole benefit of having a clear skin.



Sun Protection

Sunburn can be annoying especially when you want to achieve a fairer and lighter skin.

Apparently, all the time and attention you put into your skincare routine can be ruined by just a short time frolicking in the sun. Eating healthy can help you combat this, allowing you to do more outdoor activities with confidence.

The best food to help protect you against the harsh rays of the sun contain vitamin E. Sunflower seeds and almonds contain antioxidants that can help protect you against agents like UV rays and pollution. Vitamin E can help guard your skin’s outer membranes, allowing them to be strong enough to keep your skin hydrated.

With this health benefit, you can match the sun’s radiance and be active confidently.

A Fresh Complexion

If you are the type to shy away from vegetables, then this is the sign that you should be eating more of them, since vegetables are a foolproof way to achieve a fresh complexion.

Green leafy vegetables, as well as those that are dark orange or red, can give you a dose of vitamin A.

This can regulate your cell production; that is, old cells will be replaced by new ones, leaving your skin’s surface smooth. Additionally, these vegetables contain beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene which is a plus for your skin since they are an excellent way of sloughing off dry skin and furnishing your skin with freshness.



Natural Glow

Everyone wants to achieve a youthful glow. That is why many people are now investing in age-defying products or procedures. But little do they know that a healthy flow can be achieved by using some of the ingredients in your kitchen.

The reason why a natural glow seems unachievable is that there may be a deficiency in zinc and iron—the two key minerals to having a healthy skin. Zinc contributes to the production of cells, as well as the shedding of natural cells which keeps your skin beautiful and devoid of a dull texture.

On the other hand, consuming foods rich in iron helps your red blood cell in ferrying oxygen to the skin—this is also a primary reason for that glow. To achieve this, you can opt to add fortified cereal, lean meat, poultry, and oysters to your diet.

With moderation, this can give you more benefits than what is previously stated.


Moisturized Skin

You may have heard of this a million times already, but water intake contributes to a healthy skin. It’s simple—if you are dehydrated, then your skin will look parched since skin cells mostly contain water.

Ward off dehydration and dryness by having a consistent supply of water nearby. This doesn’t mean that you should have a huge jug of water with you at all times. In fact, you can still remain hydrated by consuming water-enriched food such as fruits and veggies.


Key Takeaway

These skin benefits are a great motivation for maintaining a healthy diet. Having a healthy body is beneficial in preventing common skin diseases and infections.

You should also combine this practice with Beyonde products which can supplement you with the right amount of vitamins and minerals aside from those you will get from your food intake.