Spreading Wellness Awareness Through SEO Philippines

Step Away from the Stressor

Every year, more Filipinos are able to access the internet. Internet companies are covering larger areas and services are being offered cheaper. With more Filipinos online, spreading awareness it easier. Thanks to SEO Philippines, our team at Unilever Network Philippines was able to reach our goals.

UNET Philippines

Unilever Network Philippines or UNET is an independent distributor of famous body and wellness products. At UNET, our mission is to help Filipinos to have a better lifestyle by providing affordable and high-quality products.

Since we are an independent distributor, we have more freedom on how to market our products and for us, we do that by promoting a lifestyle that embodies wellness and good hygiene. We believe in people first, business second.

The products that we provide are tried and tested, we won’t sell it if we don’t believe in it. Our team has invested in other wellness products before but no products were as effective as what we distribute now at UNET.


To women, high-quality beauty products are an absolute must. It is part of their everyday routine from morning to evening. So under UNET Philippines, Beyonde was founded. Beyonde is a beauty company that is dedicated to creating high-quality beauty products that are sustainable and ethically made. At Beyonde, they guarantee that all ingredients are natural and each product should pass quality assurance. Products are manufactured through state-of-the-art technology because women deserve nothing but the best.


Another company under UNET, Aviance is a wellness product company that aims to help women live their lives to the fullest. Aviance products guarantee to satisfy every aspect of beauty.

Digital Marketing

With the growing audience in the digital market, we realized that we are missing out a lot. As distributors, we wanted to make sure that people who want to retail our products can reach out more ways than one. While our sales team work day in and out to look for leads, we realize that we were missing out on the leads we could get online.

To catch up, we contacted our friends at SEO-Hacker. They are a team of Search Engine Optimization specialists lead by their CEO and founder Sean Si, a Filipino motivational and leadership speaker. They have been in business since 2010 and started from a small blog.

The reason why we went with SEO is that search is becoming a lifestyle for Filipinos. Kids to adults know how to use search engines. It has become a daily routine that when you need to look for something, you go to search. We also believe that search is relevant. When a person searches something, he/she knows exactly what they want and it’s either they are looking for options or they are looking to buy already.

Before SEO-Hacker, our team at UNET Philippines didn’t have a website. We didn’t have the technical capabilities to create our own website and maintain it. But with our SEO package, SEO-Hacker offered us to build our website for free.

SEO Campaign

As the campaign started, their team of web developers created unetphilippines.com for us. Immediately, it was optimized for SEO and link building efforts started. Our website is simple but beautiful. The goal was to make it pleasing to the eye. Even though we sell beauty and wellness products, we believe in the beauty of simplicity.

As the SEO campaign went on, the content was also produced for the website. For Google, content is king. One website can never rank in the Google search results without quality content. Monthly, blog posts were published in the UNET blog to keep the website relevant and searchable.

As the SEO efforts continue, users come into the website and we started getting inquiries online. Aside from our sales efforts in the outside world, our sales team had more leads since they have another source of leads.

Right now, UNET Philippines is the number one for the keyword “Beyonde Philippines”. We are outranking other distributors and even UNET itself. Our SEO campaign continues and we hope to get more leads and rank for more keywords as we move forward.


UNET Philippines, being an independent distributor, aims to promote a lifestyle that embodies wellness and good hygiene. With our high-quality products, you are sure that you will only get the best.



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