Beyonde Philippines: Optimizing Health for a Better Life

Beyonde Philippines Optimizing Health for a Better Life

Do you want to know how to maximize your potential and make the most out of your life? Well, you’re in luck! Health supplements by Beyonde Philippines can surely help you boost your health for an exceptional living.


Are you interested in taking supplements and how it can boost your living?


Look no further, because everything that you need to know about supplements is included in this article.


What are Supplements?

What are Supplements

There are many names of which a supplement is called, such as dietary, nutritional, health, or even food supplement. All of this pertains to only one product, a supplement.


This product, upon ingestion, aims to add nutritional value to a person’s diet. With its “dietary ingredient,” the product supplies additional nourishment.


It acquired its name “supplements” because of its goal, which is to provide vitamins and minerals to the body.


Supplements can be taken in different forms such as tablets, capsules, softgels, liquids, powders, or gelcaps.


Essentially, various supplements have differing contents, but in general, these supplements contain vitamins, minerals, herbs, and even botanicals. All of these are used to add nutritional value to a person’s diet, just like the products of Beyonde Philippines.


From origins to present regulations

Supplements emerged from the custom of using herbs. Dating back to the origins of civilization, herbs and animals were already utilized as medicine. Sumerians (residents of West Asia) have the oldest written record of herbal medicine. These texts were found on old clay tablets dating back 6000 years ago. Ingredients mentioned on the tablets were thyme, licorice, and mustard plant.


You would be surprised that the history of supplements wasn’t always smooth sailing. Before 1990, supplements strictly only contained vitamins, minerals, and proteins based on the strict rules of the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).


However, the field of medicine was forever changed in 1994 when the law “Dietary Supplement Health Education Act” or (DSHEA) was passed. Through this law, possible raw ingredients such as ginseng, fish oils, enzymes, and even glandular produce like hormones and steroids can be legally included in supplements.


You will see below the standard label content you will find on the packaging of various supplements.


Information provided

  • Product name (the word “supplement” must be indicated)
  • Net contents
  • Name and address of the manufacturer, packer, and distributor
  • Direction for intake


 Supplement Facts

  • Serving size
  • Dietary ingredients
  • Percent of daily value
  • If an ingredient is botanical, the scientific name of the plant and the specific part used must be mentioned
  • If an ingredient is a blend exclusive to the manufacturer, the total weight of the blend and its components must be listed.


Under the 1994 act, sellers must only claim the benefit of an ingredient, to a specific body part. Much like the products of Beyonde Philippines, a pack is full of nutrition that your body needs.


However, these supplements must not claim any capability to cure a disease. Even in today’s society that is overruled by advertising, supplements must not state that a specific supplement can treat a disease.


From raw material to packaging

From raw material to packaging

If you ask a person the difference between medicine and supplement, the initial answer you would hear is that they differ in the raw materials they used. For a drug, its contents are mostly artificial chemicals, while a supplement contains natural essence from plants.


Surprisingly, that’s not always the case for both drugs and supplements. Some medicines contain natural ingredients. There are a few companies that manufacture supplements enriched with only natural essence, similar to the products of Beyonde Philippines. However, it is important to note that not all supplement company practices this.


Do keep in mind that “natural” essence is not always good for you. Some leaves, mushrooms, and even fruits are hallucinogenic and even poisonous.


The information you will read below are the different kinds of natural essence and processes found in the supplements you will find in the market.


Nature as Source

Before natural ingredients such as vegetable, mineral, or animal sources become supplements ready to be ingested, these sources must undergo a process first.


For example, Vitamin E tocopherols are extracted from vegetable oils; soybeans are a preferred source due to its low cost. The process it undergoes can be read below.


  1. Initially crush the soybeans. Through precipitation, the protein is extracted.
  2. Vegetable oil is extracted from distilled resultant oil.
  3. Leftover materials are then solubilized to isolate carbohydrates.
  4. From the remaining waxes and lecithin, Vitamin E is solvent extracted.


Nature-identical Synthetic

This procedure deals with nutrients (that were manufactured in a lab) with a similar molecular structure to those nutrients found in nature. Due to the scarcity and high cost of natural resources, manufacturers prefer this method. In fact, a majority of vitamin supplements found in the market is manufactured using this process.


A perfect example would be Vitamin C, specifically its famous synthesized form, ascorbic acid. Supplements containing ascorbic acid often derived the vitamin from corn starch, corn sugar, or rice starch.


A two-step fermentation process, which emerged from China during the 1960s, is done in order to synthesize Vitamin C.



Some lab manufactured nutrients, called synthetic vitamins, have the same composition as the natural nutrients but with a different shape.


Several enzymes in the body only react properly with vitamins of a specific shape. Natural and concentrated forms do not usually generate the appropriate result.


Strictly synthetic supplements are made from anything—most of which are often used are coal tar, petroleum, or acetylene gas. In creating these supplements, the structure of isolated vitamins must be duplicated through chemical manipulations.


Vitamin B1 can be developed from coal tar, which is a widely utilized substance for. Hydrochloric is mixed with the starting material in order for precipitation to take place. After that, fermentation, heating, and cooling is done until a synthetic vitamin is formed.


Before it is shipped to distributors, the vitamin must first be dried and its purity must be examined.


To achieve a natural Vitamin B1, a different method is done.


First, the botanical with the desired vitamins must be cleaned. Then, it is mixed with water in a vat to form an extract and isolate the fiber. After that, the nutrients can be found in the extract after post-filtration. Finally, it is dried out and shipped to distributors.


Food Culturing

This process is similar to the method of culturing foods like miso, sauerkraut, and yogurt. The nutrients are often left to grow in yeast or algae. Through culturing, nutrients become more bioavailable.


In the process, minerals and synthetic nutrients act as the raw material and then added to yeast/algae. Eventually, these yeast/algae is harvested and ruptured into a vitamin supplement.



Supplements that are food-based are formed by reacting synthetic and natural vitamins with vegetable proteins.


Extracts from whole food sources are not often used due to the low potency of its nutrient content, unstable nutrient levels, and short shelf life. They easily degenerate due to heat, light, and oxygen.


Fermentation of bacteria

Bacteria are altered genetically due to the nutritional by-product they generate.


A perfect example of this is Vitamin D2, which is not a natural form of Vitamin D. With Ergosterol as the raw material, it will turn into Viosterol through ultraviolet light. Finally, it will be converted into Ergocalciferol or more commonly known as Vitamin D2.


What supplements are crowd favorites?

Even for health supplements, each person has their own preference. Some people are more inclined to buy synthetic-based supplements. While there are people who prefer 100% natural supplements similar to the products of Beyonde Philippines.


To give you some clue, here are some of the best-selling types of supplements:


  1. Probiotics– These are bought mainly for improved digestion and immunity caused by the live bacteria.
  2. Protein– Often in powder form and bought by fitness junkies, who want to build their muscles. Usually, these are made from peas and flaxseed.
  3. Omega-3s– This specific supplement contains fish oil, DHA, and flaxseed. Most often ingested for brain development, and healthier hair & nails.
  4. Whole-food Concentrate– Through this supplement, food high in nutrient is efficiently consumed.  Examples of this are condensed fruit or vegetable in powder from. They are, then, added to smoothies.
  5. Multivitamin– This tiny tablet or capsule contains multiple essential vitamins and minerals together.
  6. Vitamin C– This water-soluble vitamin is an antioxidant that can strengthen connective tissue and arteries. Most women buy this due to its health benefits to the skin.
  7. Turmeric– With its Curcumin contents, this supplement made from herbs can fight off chronic inflammation.
  8. Calcium & Magnesium– Calcium is mainly bought for better bone health. Magnesium, on the other hand, can relieve stress and aid your metabolic reactions.
  9. Vitamin D– Cells can function properly, thanks to this nutrient. Also, it boosts energy and can fight depression.
  10. Spirulina– Don’t be surprised with this green colored powder supplement, because this blue-green colored algae is rich in protein, B Vitamins, Iron, and Copper.


Can’t decide which supplement would suit you the best? Don’t worry! Beyond Philippines has a variety of supplements that can surely provide what you need.


Innovation in raw materials

Innovation in raw materials

Nowadays, supplements are not just for health and added nutrition, it is also consumed for cosmetic reasons. The rise of the collagen supplement is proof.


Collagen makes up a big percentage of the skin structure. Your skin could appear dull due to the external factors that can prematurely age the skin, like exposure to the sun and to the air pollution.


Lost body collagen may not be restored by creams, but it can be replenished through collagen supplements. By taking this, your skin will be strengthened, which results to minimizing of enlarged pores and wrinkles. Overall, this product produces a youthful looking skin.


Collagen regeneration can also strengthen hair strands and avoid thinning of the hairline.


There are two types of collagen, type 1 and type 2. Each type has their own benefits.


Type 1 has several cosmetic benefits such as:


  • Firmer skin
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Reduced cellulite appearance
  • Stronger hair and nails
  • Better circulation


Type 2, on the other hand, provides more health benefits:


  • Stronger tendon and joint flexibility
  • Better muscle repair


Best time to take your supplements

For those of you who bought some Beyonde Philippines supplements, here are the best times to take your added nourishment:


In the Morning

Iron – It is best taken on an empty stomach in the morning. Remember, do not take it with tea or coffee. The caffeine components may disrupt proper absorption.


Vitamin C – Take one in the morning, and the rest later on. It will only last for a few hours, that’s why it is better taken more than once.


B Vitamins  Take this along with your breakfast for you to have a better energy level.


Coenzyme Q10 – This would work better if you take it along with your dietary fats. Also, you should consume this with your breakfast, so your sleeping time will not get disrupted.


In the Afternoon

Zinc – If taken on an empty stomach, it may cause nausea; it is best to have it after you eat lunch. Also, don’t take it in with Calcium or Iron.


Iodine – Due to its capability to increase energy levels, it is advised to take it in the middle of the day. Also, you have to regularly consume it because your body is not exactly capable of storing Iodine.


From Afternoon to Evening

Vitamin D – This is best taken during the afternoon, due to its influence on sleep. Also, it is advised to consume along with dietary fats.


Vitamin K – Unlike other vitamins, this can be consumed along with several other nutrients like Vitamin D, Calcium, and Vitamin C.


During Night Time

Magnesium – Make sure to consume this before going to bed, due to its positive effect on sleep.


Probiotics – Before eating your final meal, do not forget to take it 30-60 minutes ahead. This schedule will lower the interaction of the live bacteria and the digestive enzymes.

Acquiring better nutrition with Beyonde Philippines

Acquiring better nutrition with Beyonde Philippines

With all the available supplements on the market and the technical jargons that come along with it, it’s easy to get confused about which one to buy.


Not to mention, the new components that keep on being released to the market.


With the stress of daily living, it is important for everybody to acquire the proper nourishment for their bodies.


If you feel like you are not getting the nutrition you need, don’t worry! The Beyonde Philippines team is happy to help you.


Feel free to contact us anytime because our goal in Beyonde Philippines, together with Unilever Network Philippines, is to make our clients become beyond healthy!


UNET Philippines, being an independent distributor, aims to promote a lifestyle that embodies wellness and good hygiene. With our high-quality products, you are sure that you will only get the best.



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