Aviance Philippines Post Holiday Workout Routines

Aviance Philippines: Post-Holiday Workout Routines

January 2, 2019

What are great workout routines you can do for after the holidays?

  1. Strength Training Workouts
  2. Cardio Workouts
  3. Plyometrics
  4. Yoga
  5. Squats and Pushups
  6. Rope, Plank, and Dip
  7. Stretch It Out


The holidays are a season for gift-giving, whether skincare and beauty products like Aviance in the Philippines or otherwise. When the holidays are over, post-holiday workouts are usually a challenge when keeping fit. Even if you don’t typically work out, it’s always a good idea to keep moving, especially when you’re prone to eat more than usual.

Every good fitness plan should involve a doable workout routine. The key toward shedding off extra holiday fat is by simply following these post-holiday workouts:


Strength Training Workouts

The best way to strengthen and tone your muscles is to focus on specific parts of your body for strength training workouts. Note that doing strength training more than is required may cause to hurt your muscles. Muscles that have been fatigued through training need time to rest and repair.


Cardio Workouts

Cardio Workouts

Walking, running and jogging are some of the easiest cardio activities because they don’t require much equipment and can be done anywhere. Swimming is another great cardio workout. It burns calories quickly and does not put as much impact on your joints. Try to get in at least 30 minutes to an hour of cardio at least 3 to 5 times a week.



Strength training and cardio are not the only ways to shed off the excess holiday fat. Plyometrics is basically a type of exercise that uses explosive movements, often repetitive, to develop muscle power in order to generate a large amount of force quickly.

This type of explosive movement is very important in sports like boxing to throw quick punches or basketball to explode quickly and get a rebound. It can help burn fat off quickly and still have fun doing it. It will improve your cardiovascular health as well as your overall physique.




Doing yoga after the holidays can do no wrong after an indulgent season. The physical benefits of yoga include better and more balanced breathing, increased energy levels, and even better blood circulation throughout your body. A few minutes of yoga can help in coping with stress, improving your sleep, and even sharpen your concentration.


Squats and Pushups

Squats serve as a great overall exercise that can build your strength and agility. You can do squats by placing a chair behind you, go-chair less, or grab a free weight for an extra challenge while doing the movement. The proper form for squatting is standing with your legs about shoulder-width apart, extending your arms forward, and beginning to bend your knees. It is better if you have a chair. Squat down until your butt reaches the chair, otherwise continue down as far as your balance allows. Alternate sets of 12 with the next exercise.


Rope, Plank, and Dip

Rope, Plank, and Dip

This workout will challenge you the most. You need to start first with 30 seconds of jump rope, then another 30 seconds of holding a plank position on the mat, finishing the circuit with a set of 10 dips using a chair as a base.

First step: Plank position is balancing on your forearms with your feet close together. Make sure to relax your neck and engage your abdominal muscles to prevent strain on your back.

Second step: Position yourself on the edge of the chair with your feet on the floor slightly farther away from you than normal. Reach behind your back then bend at the elbow to allow your hips to dip toward the floor. Engage your triceps and abs to return back at seat height. Repeat this at least 10 times.

Last step: After 3 rounds of alternating jumping rope with the plank, up the duration of planking by 15 seconds then 45 seconds of jumping rope then another 45 of holding the plank. You can start this exercise at whatever level you’re comfortable with, gradually increase. Set a goal for yourself and see how much time you can add to a circuit after a week of practice.


Stretch It Out

Last but not least, give your body flexibility by including some stretching. Target your arms and calves with a few light stretches. A rule to remember is not to fight the tension in your body as your muscles are trying to protect themselves. Breathe into the movements as you release inhale and exhale.


Key Takeaway

The holiday season is more than just indulging in delicious holiday treats and gift-giving, whether it’s skincare products like Aviance in the Philippines or otherwise.

It’s normal to put on weight during this time of the year, and it’s really not that hard to lose the added holiday weight. The combination of strength and cardio exercises is just what you need to feel great as you are while losing weight. Do yoga if you want to feel more relaxed and unified than ever. If you’re feeling a bit more active and need a little push, workouts like plyometrics and circuit training will do the job.

Whatever workout routines you’re planning to pursue after the holiday season, it’s always better to keep moving towards good health and focus on getting back into a healthy routine!


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