Aviance Philippines: How Cosmetics Have Helped Change the World

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Aviance Philippines is one of the many recognizable names in the history of cosmetics. A beauty brand, unlike any other, Aviance Philippines certainly is something for every woman and other beauty fanatics to relish in!


With that said, it’s safe to say that the line of cosmetics has truly helped in shaping the world as we know it. Most of the products we use are catered to every aspect of the so-called notion of ‘beauty’ — which we all know can have different definitions from everyone and anyone else. Nonetheless, without cosmetics, the standards of beauty we all know and love today would be a lot different on first sights. For instance, there are the numerous lines of products that come from certain brands such as Aviance Philippines, many of them stretching across the history of the world.


History of Cosmetics

History of Cosmetics

Not many people know this, but the essence of cosmetics overall actually stretches over 10,000 years. Of course, as time passes by, certain standards of beauty and hygiene have been subjected to change, making cosmetics as a whole one of the most flexible and versatile in nature and function, as well as variation.


While the term ‘cosmetics’ itself wasn’t really in the dictionary then, the function and essence still remain the same – to promote good hygiene for men and women everywhere. In fact, if there’s any cosmetic product that’s remained pretty much the same all throughout, it would be none other than the numerous essential oils used in the name of beauty and hygiene. Many of these oils were made to be scented, as well as being said to have some form of healing and medicinal properties (at least according to the ancient Egyptians). In addition, there was the creation of certain other products such as eyeliners and nail polishes that were introduced to the women of that era, which eventually started gaining traction in the early 19th century – all because of oil.


Another cosmetic product that was used, and is still being used in times today, is none other than powder. Powder is one of the many cosmetic products that come in handy as it is easy to use and it can leave an impact on your face that can both smoothen and brighten it up. Plus, putting the right amount can give you a glow unlike any other. The thing about powder is that it’s also one of the most available products of all time. However, did you know that back then, it was mostly used by female figures of royalty, as well as many others of high-society? In fact, in ancient Egypt, there were several makeup artifacts that were found excavated under some Egyptian pyramids, with powders of different kinds being some of them.


Over time, specifically during the early to mid-19th century, cosmetics or also known as ‘makeup’, started gaining a lot of attention with their female audiences. Along with the classics such as eyeliners, fine powders, lipsticks, and essential oils, there were certain other cosmetic products that gained a significant amount of traction with their user, function, and overall reliability. For instance, numerous anti-aging cosmetic products have gained a following in this era, which in turn helped to pave the way for modern cosmetics that aims to give their customers that youthful glow. In addition, numerous cosmetic procedures have also entered the picture in this particular era as more and more women undergo their fair share of beauty rituals during their times.


If we were to discuss the numerous beauty rituals being done by one, very famous woman, it would be that of Cleopatra’s. Cleopatra, the last known ruler of the ancient Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt, was a woman known for her extravagant and astonishing beauty, as well as the numerous beauty rituals she undergoes to achieve such magnificence. Rituals such as using natural henna as nail polish, bathing herself in a milk and honey bath, as well as exfoliating with sea salts are just some of the many beauty rituals the female pharaoh would casually indulge in, which in turn, led her to be identified as one of the most beautiful women in all the land.


All in all, the rich history of the cosmetics lifestyle has given much inspiration to many establishments of this day and age, including Aviance Philippines. With all that history spanning as much as ten millennia, many more women have been given the chance to augment their own standards of beauty, as well as being able to make their own statements on their respective stances on beauty.


Different Kinds of Cosmetic Products Throughout the Years

Different Kinds of Cosmetic Products Throughout the Years

Since the history of cosmetics was brought up for discussion in the previous paragraphs, there are also numerous products being used and availed for as time moves forward as well. After all, with time, many things change. Thus, with change, certain demands must be met, especially with that of the wide reach of cosmetics.


When it comes to this, there are certainly many other cosmetic products that have made their way to the shelves and spotlights throughout the times. Here are some of the best examples of which:


  1. Lipsticks

This is one cosmetic product that has stuck with the classics since its modern inception made it to the spotlight. Colored in luscious red (and other colors introduced over time), lipsticks are the cosmetic product you want when you want to give your lips the emphasis it deserves. Besides, who wouldn’t want to captivate others just by the mere sight or movement of your lips?


One of the best things about lipsticks is that it can be used in various other ways, as well as other variations of lipsticks being made available in the market. While it does come in its iconic stick form and colored in red, other variations and shades have also been widely recognized in the cosmetics industry such as:


  • Satin
  • Matte
  • Liquid/Gloss
  • Moisturizing
  • Cream Matte
  • Frosted
  • Lip Stains


No matter what you choose, a rather stunning and astonishing result is definitely guaranteed. Just be sure to apply the product properly.


  1. Powders

This has been mentioned in the previous paragraphs as one of the many cosmetic products that have been around for numerous generations, especially that of Cleopatra’s era. Nonetheless, fine powders are known for their easy use and their availability, as well as the benefit of giving your face the flawless touch it deserves.


The use of powder is simple, which is to smoothen your face as well as conceal any form of blemish from the face. Like most cosmetic products, powders can come in various forms, such as:


  • Translucent Powders
  • Loose Powders
  • Finishing Powders
  • Pressed Powders
  • Mineral Powders
  • Finely-milled Powders


Each and every one of these choices can cater to every skin tone around, giving you the blush and rosy complexion your skin deserves! However, since we’re on the concept of skin tone, it’s important to get the right shade that matches or complements your skin tone. That way, you can really get the complexion you’re looking for.


  1. Eyeliners

Eyeliners are some of the many pieces of cosmetics that have contributed their fair share of wonders for the best asset of everyone’s faces: their eyes. No matter what shade they may avail of the eyeliner, or no matter what skin tone you may be in, eyeliner is one of the most flexible cosmetic products to be used by anyone to date.


Speaking of flexibility, eyeliners are also some of the best examples of cosmetics that can come in different shades of color, all of which are able to give your eyes the pop to stand out. Plus, with times today, there are numerous techniques in applying eyeliner, with many of them being done artistically. Either way, eyeliners are cosmetic products that you should definitely have in your purse at most times.

Must-Have Cosmetic Products for the Modern Woman

Must-Have Cosmetic Products for the Modern Woman

With the three aforementioned cosmetic products being around with the times, it’s safe to say that the three are definitely the ones that you should have as the modern-day woman. Not only can they give you the flair you’re looking for, they are also one of the most essential in the world of makeup.


With that said, there are numerous other products that are a must-have for everyone today. After all, nothing is greater than convenience in lifestyle, especially when availed from Aviance Philippines and other cosmetics establishments nationwide or worldwide!


Here are some of the best must-have products for the modern woman! Have a read through and be amazed!


  1. Creams

Nowadays, there are numerous other variations of classic makeup/cosmetic items that offer a unique approach to use, one of them being in the form of various creams to be used on your face. Whether it’s foundation or moisturizer, applying a good dosage on your face can be the best way to give your face the care it needs. Plus, not only are you taking care of your skin, you’re also giving it the glow that entices the appreciation of many around you.


  1. Perfumes

Since modern-day women, or people in general, deal with the everyday hustle and bustle of the city, one of the most important things to consider is to maintain personal hygiene. Perfumes are one of the best cosmetic must-haves for everyone who wishes to stay ‘fresh’ throughout the day. With a variety of scents around to imbue yourself with, a handy bottle of perfume to spray yourself with on any occasion during the day can be the best kind of upgrade you can give yourself.


  1. Oil-Absorbent Pads

One of the things that can be a hassle to most people nowadays is a really oily face in terms of texture. Thankfully, oil-absorbent pads are some of the best cosmetic products to keep close to you at all times. Simply take one of these pads and swipe it across any area of your face. The more transparent the pad becomes, the more oil it has gathered.

How Cosmetics Have Helped Change the World

How Cosmetics Have Helped Change the World

With all that has been said about cosmetics, it is safe to establish that these products and the benefits that come with them have helped shape the world we all know and love. Sure, many of them have undergone numerous changes for a more convenient approach in use, hence, their aim and function still remain the same: to offer their customers an upgrade in terms of beauty.


Another thing that makes this great is that numerous establishments and distributors such as Aviance Philippines are always ready to give you what you’re looking for — all for a fair price. In any case, availing for any product in some of the biggest names in cosmetics can guarantee you pure satisfaction on your end as their most valuable customer which is great since cosmetics are some of the many things that have truly helped people in their numerous concerns for beauty.


All in all, the world as we know it would never have made it without the contributions of cosmetics. In fact, convenience wouldn’t even be provided if it weren’t for these beauty products! Now, with the many establishments and distributors around the country that are always ready to give their customers what they’re looking for, it’s time to choose the best name to trust! Thus, who better to trust to give you what you need than the folks from Aviance Philippines?


Aviance Philippines: The Right One to Trust for Beauty

When it comes to providing their customers the flair they’re looking for, Aviance Philippines is the best name to trust! With a wide array of products, both for distribution and selling, Aviance Philippines is one of the best establishments in the country that are always ready to serve you!


Working with the Unilever Network of the Philippines, Aviance Philippines is definitely to be trusted in terms of service, deliverability, and reliability. All you need to do is take your pick and feel free to avail away!


Interested in availing for any of their products? Feel free to do so by giving them a click here!



UNET Philippines, being an independent distributor, aims to promote a lifestyle that embodies wellness and good hygiene. With our high-quality products, you are sure that you will only get the best.



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