Drop Your Skin Care Reasons Why You Shouldn't Copy Other People's Routines

Drop Your Skin Care: Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Copy Other People’s Routines

August 31, 2018

What are the reasons why you shouldn’t copy other people’s skincare routines?

  1. Expensive products are not necessarily effective
  2. Substituting one product for another is risky
  3. You will be prone to breakouts
  4. There is the possibility that it would do absolutely nothing for your skin
  5. The risk of using too many products at the same time



Women who post a selfie with their glowing skin and a no-filter disclaimer always get this reply: “Drop your skin care routine here, sis!” Of course, who wouldn’t want that same clear complexion that you can show off to the world? Everyone does. Not only is it a great indication of healthiness but it can also do its magic to boost your confidence.

Unfortunately, not every product works for all types of skin in the same way that Aviance does. There are reasons why the effective routine that works for others would not work for you, and you would be surprised how many of these you’re doing right now.

Before you copy that seemingly effective skin care routine, here are the reasons why you should seriously avoid it:



Expensive Products Are Not Always Effective

You might feel inclined to cop the latest from that pricey brand but truth is, you shouldn’t be pressured to spend a big amount of money and expect instant results. Instead of the price tag and the extravagant brand, you should look for the ingredients that would work for you.

Chances are, you may even be allergic to some ingredients that these expensive brands hold. It’s not like every product can be as good as Aviance and give you the value for money that you are looking for. So do not be tempted to buy the same product that your beauty guru is obsessing over because you should test the effectiveness on your own skin first.

Always remember that you should choose products that are friendly for your skin type because this is what matters at the end of the day.



Do Not Substitute One Product for Another

Do Not Substitute One Product for Another

The thing about copying a skin care routine is that it will not guarantee that your skin will be free of blemishes after you do it. In fact, it may even come off worse than before! Most people make the mistake of using one product instead of the other which defeats the purpose of that product.

For example, you may have heard that you can substitute your facial cleanser with a makeup remover but this would be a big no-no! You need facial cleanser on the daily. Makeup remover wipes or solution are used for the purpose of wiping off the makeup but they do not get in deep your skin just like a cleanser does.

Another example: do not treat micellar water as a toner because this product does not have the essential nutrients that a toner has. Unless you find a product that has double properties, then you should stick to single-purpose products for your skin care routine.



You Might Be Prone to Breakouts

Experiencing negative results from copying a skin care routine all boils down to this: you are using the wrong products for your skin. Breakouts are your skin’s response to using the wrong products. And those red, angry bumps that you see in your face means bad news.

In order to prevent this, you should identify which products are causing the negative reaction and stop using them altogether. Visit your dermatologist and consult him or her about the products that you are using and see if there will be noticeable changes once you stop or start using one. Evaluate each product that you are using then take the time to see how your skin will adjust to them.



The Possibility of Doing Absolutely Nothing for your Skin

The Possibility of Doing Absolutely Nothing for your Skin

When you are starting a skincare routine, you should allow 2-3 weeks before your skin adjusts to the products you are using. It is stressful to be impatient and want instant results, but you should remember that it is important to let your skin breathe and give it time. Accept that products do not yield results overnight. First off, you should know that results depend on the type of product and the specific solution that it can give to your skin.

Products that target spot treatments take about ten days to take effect. Anti-aging wrinkle and dark spots solutions may take up to a month to give you that result. Moisturizers and hydrating masks are the exemption to the rule because they can take effect almost immediately!



The Risk of Using Too Many Products at the Same Time

Noticing someone’s skin care routine means that you have a clear idea of what a routine should do for your skin. If you are drawn to copy other people’s skincare routine, you will risk using too many products at the same time because you will add those products on top of what you are using now.

This means bad news because you may notice symptoms like breakouts, irritation, dryness or oiliness caused by overloading of products. Stick to what you have and what works for you because this is the suitable choice for your skin.



Key Takeaway

When it comes to skincare routines, aim to make it as personal as possible. Do not use products without consulting your dermatologist first. Keep your skin healthy with foolproof products like Aviance and you are good to go. Before you know it, you will have that clear and healthy skin you always wanted.


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