Aviance Skin Care Products You Need This Summer

Aviance: Skin Care Products You Need This Summer

March 18, 2018

What are the different skin care essentials for this summer?

  1. Sunblock and Sunscreen
  2. Lip balm
  3. Face mists
  4. Aloe Vera gel


Skin care products, like those offered by Aviance, should be used all year round in order to ensure that the desired results are achieved. However, you might notice that sometimes after a period of effectiveness, the product starts to fall short in your expectations.

In addition to the possible tolerance your skin develops towards the products, internal factors like age and hormones in combination with external factors such as stress and climate can change the skin’s condition and response to products.

Constantly changing your skin care routine isn’t always recommended, but in the summertime you should take more precautions to protect your skin. This is even more evident in the Philippines due to the unforgiving heat spreads throughout the country.

To help you out with your summer skincare essentials shopping, this article contains some great skin care products that are sure to come in handy during this hot and sunny season.


Sunscreen and Sunblock

As the most essential summer skincare essentials, these two go without saying! There are various levels of SPF available in the market, and of various consistency.

Nowadays, sunblock and sunscreen can be bought in a liquid consistency and pumped through a spray nozzle as opposed to the typical lotion-type. Even the scalp needs protection from the harmful UV rays, and the sun-protectors with a liquid consistency can be applied to the scalp since it can be easily absorbed.

Also, there are variants that are specifically designed for swimming and does not easily come off in the water. Whether if it’s a sunscreen or sunblock, it is better to apply it at least 15 minutes before sun exposure to ensure that the product has already been absorbed.


Lip Balm

Do keep in mind that the skin on the lips are more delicate and can be easily dried out by the heat of the sun even on a regular day. This is why it is even more important to moisturize them during the summer season. Choose a lip balm that offers SPF protection; SPF 15 is the ideal SPF level specifically for the lips.

Regularly re-apply lip balm throughout the day especially when outdoors to ensure constant protection from the UV rays.


Face Mist

Facial Mist is a product that has recently surfaced in the market. This product is highly effective in providing a quick boost of coolness and freshness especially in an outdoor setting. For an even added cooling sensation when sprayed, store the facial mist in a cooler.

Just like any skin care product, facial mist also has specific variants, each with their own benefits.



Aside from the general coolness provided by most facial mist, the Rosewater contents can aid in soothing skin irritation that is primarily caused by exposure to an unbearable intensity of heat. Rosewater in combination with Coconut water and Witch Hazel can provide skin with the ultimate hydration and anti-inflammation, which is highly ideal during the summer season.


Hyaluronic Acid

Often used for younger and fresher looking skin, Hyaluronic Acid is commonly seen in cream and serum form. Fortunately, it is now available in mist form and can be applied anytime throughout the day for an instant freshness to the skin along with a few anti-aging properties.


Aloe Vera Gel

Just like facial mists, a tube of Aloe Vera gel is nice to carry around for a quick boost of freshness and relief. Aloe Vera gel can also restore moisture and protect from possible further damage to the skin.

In addition, the natural coolness of an Aloe Vera gel can soothe sunburn. It can also quicken the healing process of sunburned skin. In severe cases, a sunburned area can become infected. Fortunately, Aloe Vera gel naturally has antibacterial capabilities which can ward off any infection-causing bacteria.

Exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays also leads to wrinkles; by applying Aloe Vera gel after sun exposure you can reduce or even reverse its horrible effects. Such results can be achieved through the gel’s antioxidant properties, especially Carotene.


Key Takeaway

By choosing the right sun-protecting products for you, you’ll be all set for the summer! Make sure to take note of these summer skin care essentials the next time you go out!


UNET Philippines, being an independent distributor, aims to promote a lifestyle that embodies wellness and good hygiene. With our high-quality products, you are sure that you will only get the best.



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