Unilever Network Philippines: Best Makeup Removers and Cleansers

What are the best makeup removers and facial cleansers?

  1. Waterproof liquid makeup remover
  2. Makeup removing wipes
  3. Mild eye makeup remover
  4. Cleansing balm
  5. Coconut oil


Makeup lovers often enjoy the process as much as seeing the final look.

However, these are also the same people that advocate removing the very same masterpiece they created after only a few hours or at the end of the day.

Why? Because skin care is infinitely more beneficial for your skin than makeup! Skin care products from Unilever Network Philippines provide the nourishment that the skin needs.

This is why choosing the right makeup remover is extremely important!

If you’re overwhelmed by the different makeup removers available in the market, read on!


Waterproof Liquid Makeup Remover

Some mascara formulas are waterproof, sweat-proof, and even tear-proof for more staying power. Haphazardly wiping it off without the right product would mean succumbing to looking like a raccoon and mascara residue on your lashline for DAYS.

That’s why makeup remover formulated for waterproof makeup are perfect for mascara junkies who love volumized and lengthened lashes. A good waterproof makeup remover can be used to ensure that the lash line and in between the lashes, where bacteria could possibly settle in and cause an eye infection, are free of makeup residue.

Since the solution of the makeup remover is already designed to remove even the most smudge-proof eyeliner, there is no need to have to use a heavy hand or a tug on the skin when wiping off the product. Such harsh pressure can cause trauma to the delicate skin around the eye area.

Also, with the rise of matte liquid lipsticks that are smudge-proof, even after eating and drinking, a waterproof cleanser is sure to prevent any tugging and heavy swiping on the lips. A cotton round soaked in the solution can be pressed on the lips for a while and the products will dissolve easily without any struggle.


Makeup-Removing Wipes

Also known as cleansing towelettes, these wipes are ideal for those who want a quick makeup removal routine. There is also a variant of makeup removing wipes with small exfoliating to remove dead skin cells along with the makeup residue. Since the towelettes are already soaked in the essence that removes makeup, and it can be carried around in a packet than a heavy bottle, this is the most convenient way to remove makeup on the go.



Mild Eye Makeup Remover

To avoid any unnecessary tugging on the skin or exposure to harsh cleansers, there are a few makeup removers that target to wipe off the makeup products applied on the eyes like eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and even left-over false eyelash glue.

Since the skin in the eye area is extremely sensitive and delicate, a mild solution is ideal. The solution should be strong enough to effectively but safely dissolve eye products.



Cleansing Balm

Use a cleansing balm for a luxurious experience at home while rejuvinating your skin. Cleansing balms are in initially in solid form then turns into a smooth oil on the skin. Despite its oily consistency and nature, it does not feel greasy but rather, velvety and silky to the touch. In addition to the special experience this makeup remover can provide, it can also efficiently remove makeup from the skin.     


Coconut Oil

There are many types of oil that’s good for the skin. For an all-natural makeup removal option, the oil from the so-called “Miracle Fruit” or Coconut fruit proves to be an effective makeup remover. Coconut oil can effectively remove even the most waterproof mascara and smudge-proof liquid eyeliner.

The skin also absorbs the nutrients from the oil; wrinkles can become less visible, and even your eyelashes can grow stronger.


Key Takeaway

Whichever type of makeup remover one uses, it is essential to remember that a light hand must be used when wiping off the makeup, especially around the eye area. Removing one’s makeup is an essential step done before applying the other skin care products from Unilever Network Philippines.

Aviance: Skin Care Products You Need This Summer

What are the different skin care essentials for this summer?

  1. Sunblock and Sunscreen
  2. Lip balm
  3. Face mists
  4. Aloe Vera gel


Skin care products, like those offered by Aviance, should be used all year round in order to ensure that the desired results are achieved. However, you might notice that sometimes after a period of effectiveness, the product starts to fall short in your expectations.

In addition to the possible tolerance your skin develops towards the products, internal factors like age and hormones in combination with external factors such as stress and climate can change the skin’s condition and response to products.

Constantly changing your skin care routine isn’t always recommended, but in the summertime you should take more precautions to protect your skin. This is even more evident in the Philippines due to the unforgiving heat spreads throughout the country.

To help you out with your summer skincare essentials shopping, this article contains some great skin care products that are sure to come in handy during this hot and sunny season.


Sunscreen and Sunblock

As the most essential summer skincare essentials, these two go without saying! There are various levels of SPF available in the market, and of various consistency.

Nowadays, sunblock and sunscreen can be bought in a liquid consistency and pumped through a spray nozzle as opposed to the typical lotion-type. Even the scalp needs protection from the harmful UV rays, and the sun-protectors with a liquid consistency can be applied to the scalp since it can be easily absorbed.

Also, there are variants that are specifically designed for swimming and does not easily come off in the water. Whether if it’s a sunscreen or sunblock, it is better to apply it at least 15 minutes before sun exposure to ensure that the product has already been absorbed.


Lip Balm

Do keep in mind that the skin on the lips are more delicate and can be easily dried out by the heat of the sun even on a regular day. This is why it is even more important to moisturize them during the summer season. Choose a lip balm that offers SPF protection; SPF 15 is the ideal SPF level specifically for the lips.

Regularly re-apply lip balm throughout the day especially when outdoors to ensure constant protection from the UV rays.


Face Mist

Facial Mist is a product that has recently surfaced in the market. This product is highly effective in providing a quick boost of coolness and freshness especially in an outdoor setting. For an even added cooling sensation when sprayed, store the facial mist in a cooler.

Just like any skin care product, facial mist also has specific variants, each with their own benefits.



Aside from the general coolness provided by most facial mist, the Rosewater contents can aid in soothing skin irritation that is primarily caused by exposure to an unbearable intensity of heat. Rosewater in combination with Coconut water and Witch Hazel can provide skin with the ultimate hydration and anti-inflammation, which is highly ideal during the summer season.


Hyaluronic Acid

Often used for younger and fresher looking skin, Hyaluronic Acid is commonly seen in cream and serum form. Fortunately, it is now available in mist form and can be applied anytime throughout the day for an instant freshness to the skin along with a few anti-aging properties.


Aloe Vera Gel

Just like facial mists, a tube of Aloe Vera gel is nice to carry around for a quick boost of freshness and relief. Aloe Vera gel can also restore moisture and protect from possible further damage to the skin.

In addition, the natural coolness of an Aloe Vera gel can soothe sunburn. It can also quicken the healing process of sunburned skin. In severe cases, a sunburned area can become infected. Fortunately, Aloe Vera gel naturally has antibacterial capabilities which can ward off any infection-causing bacteria.

Exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays also leads to wrinkles; by applying Aloe Vera gel after sun exposure you can reduce or even reverse its horrible effects. Such results can be achieved through the gel’s antioxidant properties, especially Carotene.


Key Takeaway

By choosing the right sun-protecting products for you, you’ll be all set for the summer! Make sure to take note of these summer skin care essentials the next time you go out!

Unilever Network Philippines: Beneficial Oils to Add to Your Skin Care Routine

What are the different oils that can benefit your skin?

  1. Argan Oil
  2. Sunflower Oil
  3. Tea Tree Oil
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Rosehip Oil
  6. Grapeseed Oil


Everyone has their own grooming ritual, some more complicated than the others. To help consumers of all genders, the beauty industry is constantly coming up with new products, just like Unilever Network Philippines, for maintenance. More importantly, they aim to solve various skin problems to reduce expensive visits to the dermatologist.

While new products are out every day, today’s grooming and beauty rituals are rooted in practices that dated back to the previous civilizations. In an effort to avoid harsh chemicals, the beauty industry is now turning back to more natural ingredients. For example, they are able to extract and distribute natural oils proven to be beneficial to the skin that many would otherwise not have easy access to.


Argan Oil

Also regarded as the “Miracle Oil”, this oil is sourced from the Argan trees that are highly abundant in Morocco.

With its high level of vitamin E and vitamin A content combined with more antioxidants, Argan oil can maintain the skin’s youthful glowing look. In addition, such effect can be achieved through the Polyphenol contents that function to stimulate the turnover of cells and also cell growth.

Skin inflammation caused by acne are reduced and the skin cells are restored through the triterpenoid elements that Argan oil naturally contains. In addition, it helps lessen sebum levels in those with naturally oily skin.


Sunflower Oil

Similar to the loud and bright petals that this flower has, it can also provide a brightening effect to the skin most especially to old acne marks and dark spots and extremely dark eye bags. Even problems with uneven skin tones can be reduced by this brightening oil. Such brightening effects can result from the oil’s rich nutrient and antioxidant contents.

Aside from its cosmetic purpose, it also has medical use such as fighting inflammation, redness, irritation, and even skin conditions like Eczema. In order to fully achieve the desired changes, the “all natural” variant should be applied.


Tea Tree Oil

A cult favourite, the Tea Tree Oil has been known through time to be the perfect choice for treating acne naturally. The anti-bacterial properties of this oil enable it to not only banish any type of a pimple and blackheads but also sooth the skin and eliminate the source of foot odor. Skin conditions like Psoriasis can be relieved by this classic oil.


Coconut Oil

The Coconut fruit is regarded as the “Miracle Fruit” because all parts can be utilized for a variety of things.

Coconut oil can be an effective makeup remover to replace chemical-based products found on the market. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Lastly, Coconut oil contains an SPF level of 4. Despite its low SPF level, it can still provide effective skin protection against solar radiation.


Rosehip Oil

With its high level of Vitamin C and Vitamin A content, Rosehip Oil is the perfect option for dull skin. These elements can enhance the regeneration of the skin’s Epidermis Cells; thus, brightening the overall appearance of the skin.

Rosehip Oil can also act as a barrier to the skin from exterior pollutants and even sun damage from the severe UV rays.


Grapeseed Oil

This oil is highly advised for individuals with oily skin because they can reap the benefits of this oil without the greasy feeling. Compared to other oils, Grapeseed oil is instantly absorbed by the skin which is why it does not feel greasy to the skin.

Aside from the typical benefits that essential oils can provide to the skin like acne healing and skin lightening, Grapeseed oil has pore-tightening properties.

And Just like Coconut Oil, this oil is a great alternative to chemical-based makeup removers.


Key Takeaway

Those are the different essential oils that can take care of any skin concern and condition. From the bumps and lumps to skin discoloration, those oils are sure to help solve the problem.

Make sure to consider your skin type and the problems you want to address before choosing which oils to use. The best thing about including oils in your skin care routine is that it’s not just for the face – some can be used for the hair and other parts of the body!

Aviance: Tools You Can Use for Better Cleansing of Your Skin

What are the different useful tools for a thorough cleansing of the face?

  1. Pore cleansing pad
  2. Konjac Sponge
  3. Pore cleaning brushes
    • Standard brush
    • Rotating
    • Vibrating


Maintaining a clear and acne-free skin can be difficult due to the various possible causes of acne. Despite numerous methods of eradicating these blemishes, these bumps and marks seem to take forever to fade away!

Contributing factors that affect the skin’s condition such as menstruation for women, hormonal imbalance, stress, use of cosmetics with certain harmful ingredients. One effective way of combatting these pesky blemishes is by ensuring that your face is clean using the various effective skin care products by Aviance.

Washing the face in the morning and before going to bed is one of the basic steps to remove dirt build-up which could cause whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples. However, sometimes simply washing of the face with water and cleanser is still insufficient. Even after a deep cleanse with your favorite facial cleanser, there may still be tiny dirt particles stuck inside the pores. This is especially true if you’re exposed to extreme pollution or are wearing makeup.

These dirt sediments may not be much, but it may be enough to clog and infect a pore which could eventually develop into a pimple. This is why the skincare industry is constantly developing new products and ways to thoroughly cleanse all types of skin. Here are some of those cleansing aids you may want to try!


Pore Cleansing Pad

A silicone pad has tiny bristles that are firm enough to brush away dirt particles that are clogging the pores. At the same time, these bristles are also soft enough to massage the skin without applying too much pressure which could be damaging to the skin.

The recommended method of using this is by applying your favorite cleanser as you normally would. Afterward, massage the silicone pad in a circular motion to exfoliate the skin and brush away the build-up of dirt and dead skin cells.


Konjac Sponge

For a gentler approach to deep cleansing, especially for those with sensitive skin, konjac sponges can remove the debris and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. This tool is extremely gentle on the skin that it can be used even on sensitive parts of the face like on the eyelids and under eyes.

This sponge is also easy to use. If the sponge is new, wet it for 10 to 20 minutes prior to the cleansing session. Squeeze out the excess water from the sponge then dab in your favorite facial cleanser then scrub your skin.


Pore Cleansing Brush

This skincare tool stands out among the rest with its densely packed bristles that are extremely soft. Such elements can provide the skin its needed exfoliation along with a mild massage. Due to its velvety feel to the skin, it is highly recommended for clearing the pores of those who have severely sensitive skin.

There are different variations of this tool which consumers could choose from.

The first is a simple pore cleansing brush with soft bristles. This variant does not move or rotate, unlike the other variants of pore cleansing brushes. Due to its compact size and light-weight feature, this cleansing brush is perfect to carry during trips.

Compared to the first variant, a rotating pore cleansing brush can purify the skin up to six times more than the standard variant. Through sonic technology, this brush oscillates around to dislodge the dirt and dead skin cells building up on the skin.

With its gentle circular motion, the skin is softened, smoothened and has acquired a subtle natural radiance. More importantly, the pores are cleansed and even minimized by the brush. In order to cater to various skin types, there are different brush heads allotted specifically for normal, sensitive, and acne-prone skin.

The last variant is a vibrating pore cleansing brush and can either have a circular or triangular shape. The vibration in combination with the velvet soft bristles not only cleanse the pores of the skin but also massages the facial muscles to promote blood circulation. A triangular-shaped brush head works well for the T-zone area and the various corners of the face.

When using any variant of a pore cleansing brush, you can either apply the product directly to your face or on the bristles of the brush.


Key Takeaway

Do keep in mind to use a light hand when using any of these tools and make sure you don’t over cleanse your face. Doing so can strip off the natural oils produced by your skin. Whichever cleaning tool you try out, make sure you choose the right product that is suitable for your skin type.