DIY Skincare Recipes Using Organic Ingredients

DIY Skincare Recipes Using Organic Ingredients

July 11, 2018

What DIY skincare recipes use organic ingredients that are guaranteed to do wonders for the skin?

  1. Avocado & honey moisturizer
  2. Rosehip tea & lemon toner
  3. Oatmeal & raw honey face mask
  4. Almond & sugar facial scrub



Skincare and beauty products from renowned manufacturers like Unilever Network Philippines are sure to be worth the investment; they’re non-toxic and effective. However, not all manufacturers can and should be given such high levels of trust. Some of them include little amounts of harmful ingredients that may have unwanted side effects. Not only are these unhealthy for our skin, they’re actually detrimental and may cause several conditions as well.

Fortunately, we know what these ingredients are. If not, we can simply do our research and look up the things or ingredients we need to avoid. With enough knowledge and patience for reading labels, we can successfully steer clear of these products. The only downside is that the process of buying and checking tends to get exhausting. These labels are printed in such small fonts almost as if the manufacturers don’t want you to know what’s in them.

If you’re done and sick of dealing with the tedious process of reading labels, then we suggest that you make your own skincare products. We’ve listed some recipes below that use organic ingredients that are not only good for your skin but can also be found at the confines of your home.



Avocado & Honey Moisturizer

Avocado & Honey Moisturizer


  • 3 tbsp. fresh cream
  • 1 tbsp. honey
  • ¼ avocado

Use a blender to mix and puree the ingredients into a smooth and thick paste. Apply and leave on your skin for an hour before rinsing off with warm water.

The ingredients used in this moisturizer—avocado and honey—are guaranteed to keep your skin hydrated and looking smooth. Avocado is packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, antioxidants, and healthy fats. Honey has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help thoroughly cleanse the skin leading to a brighter and more youthful appearance.



Rosehip Tea & Lemon Toner


  • ½ cup water
  • 2 tsp grated lemon peel
  • 1 rosehip tea bag

Steep the tea in the cup of boiling water for 15 minutes. After which, add the grated lemon peel and let sit for another 15 minutes. Once cooled down, put it in a jar and place in the refrigerator overnight. The following day, strain and transfer to your preferred container and continue storing in the fridge. You can now use it how you would a regular toner.

Lemon and rosehip are both rich in skin-healing flavonoids and vitamin C that are great for fighting against sun damage. Additionally, when these two are combined, they help counter signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots. Your skin also gets revitalized and alleviated from redness and irritation.



Oatmeal & Raw Honey Face Mask

Oatmeal & Raw Honey Face Mask


  • 1 cup oatmeal
  • 1 cup warm water
  • ½ cup raw honey

Combine the oatmeal and water and wait until the oatmeal absorbs all the fluid. Once the mixture has gotten thicker, add the honey and mix. Apply on the face, let sit for at least 30 minutes, and rinse completely after.

Oatmeal is often used to make skincare products because it exfoliates and soothes the skin well. On top of this, its saponin content can protect you from exterior irritants and lock in moisture, leaving you with a cleansed and softened skin. For those who have ultra-sensitive skin and can’t tolerate chemically-made exfoliators, this is the ideal recipe for you.



Almond & Sugar Facial Scrub


  • 3 tbsp. fresh cream
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • ½ cup ground almonds

Combine all the ingredients, making sure that the sugars, oil, and almond are well incorporated into the cream. When you’re satisfied with how it looks, transfer the mixture in a jar that you can store in the refrigerator. You can also use it straight after by applying it to your face in circular motions and rinsing it off with water.

Skincare products often use almond but in oil form in order to dislodge any foreign debris from within the skin’s pores, but it offers the same benefits even in its natural and ground form. As for sugar, it is a natural humectant, which means it draws moisture from the surroundings and into your skin. As a result, your skin is kept hydrated and moisturized. It is also packed with glycolic acid which is typically used to treat sun-damage and signs of aging. These main ingredients are also both natural exfoliants and can help get rid of dead skin cells in order to reveal healthy skin underneath.



Key Takeaway

Store-bought skincare products like ones made by Unilever Network Philippines aren’t necessarily bad for the skin. At times, they actually deliver on what they’re advertised to do; they’re effective and safe.

However, there are times when we don’t know what ingredients are used to make such products and we end up putting harmful substances on our bodies. Those who have daily skin care routines take this risk every single day, and it’s not exactly reassuring.

So if you want to stop taking such risks and desire a product that is healthier and guaranteed to work, then try out the DIY skincare recipes that we have listed here. The ingredients used in these products can be easily found at home or bought at your neighborhood store. They’re also simple to make as there are no major procedures needed, so anyone can do them!


UNET Philippines, being an independent distributor, aims to promote a lifestyle that embodies wellness and good hygiene. With our high-quality products, you are sure that you will only get the best.



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