Hygiene Gift Ideas Your Friends Would Love

Hygiene Gift Ideas Your Friends Would Love

January 5, 2018

What are some great hygiene gift ideas you can give to your friends and family?

  • Face Essentials (facial wash, masks, and soap)
  • Fruity Mixture (fruity fragrances like citrus, oranges, apples, lemons, avocados, and berries)
  • Homemade Gifts (DIY body and skin care essentials)
  • Nail Care Essentials (clippers, tweezers, nail files, and nail polish)
  • Fragrance Package (perfumes and colognes)
  • Bath Essentials (bath bombs, scented candles, bath wash)


Some of the most important occasions, like birthdays and holiday celebrations, require you to buy gifts for your friends and family. There are many gift ideas to choose from, from sentimental ones, to ones that are more practical. In any way, gifts always have to come from the heart and be something that is sincere. One of the most popular gift ideas is hygiene gifts (such as products from Unilever Network Philippines), which everyone can get to use on a daily basis. With that in mind, here are some of the best hygiene gift ideas that your friends and family would surely love and enjoy.


Face essentials

One of the most important parts of your body that you need to take care of is your face. It is one of the places in your body that gets the brunt of dirt and germs – this is why some face care essentials would surely be useful.

A gift package that consists of facial wash, masks, and soap would really come in very handy to keep your face free from pimples and blackheads, which are things that you would love to avoid. Take note that it is best to get a package that fits all together, and makes sure that it is safe for their skin.

Fruity mixture

Fruity mixture

If you want more themed hygiene gift packages, it is best to stick to something that fits and matches. One of the most fragrant and healthy body and skin essentials are of the fruity variety. The best types of fruity fragrances come from citrus, which provides a fresh, nutritious, and fragrant package that your friends and family would surely love. If you prefer other kinds, then you could choose scents, such as oranges, apples, and lemons, which are some of the most popular ones. Other popular fruity fragrances include avocados and berries, which really make the skin feel better.


Go homemade

Some of the best kinds of gifts are the ones that are made by yourself, as it shows effort and genuine sincerity.

Body and skin care essential ingredients can be easily found in markets and groceries around your area, and there are many tutorials found on the internet that would help you make fun and healthy mixtures. This also costs less than buying ready-made products, while being able to provide the same amount of nutrients to your skin and body.

Nail care essentials

Nail care essentials

Nail care is another hygiene essential that everyone does, which is why gifting items related to nail care is always a welcome sight. Your normal nail set would consist of clippers, tweezers, nail files, and even some nail polish. This kit not only makes sure that you have clean nails, but also have stylish ones that you can flaunt to your friends and family. It is best to look for professional or licensed nail care products, as you can know that they came from a quality brand that is trusted, and ensures that you would be able to get the best type of nail care to your friend or fellow family members.


Fragrance package

Another wonderful hygiene gift that you can give to your friends and family members are some fragrances in the form of perfumes and colognes. These are hygiene essentials that everyone should have, as it is always better to start and end your day smelling great. There are many types of fragrances to choose from, so it is important to make sure that you pick one that your friend or family member would prefer.

Along with the usual package of perfumes and colognes, you can also get scented candles, incense sticks, and even a fragrant humidifier. These three items help bring out some pleasant fragrances in their rooms. Fragrances are some of the best gift ideas that you can provide and it is hard to get it wrong with these choices.

Bath essentials

Bath essentials

Taking a bath is always a somewhat wonderful experience that is a part of people’s daily ritual, and one way you can make it better is by gifting some bath essentials that they can use.

There are many essentials to choose from, such as very colorful bath bombs, scented candles, and fragrant bath wash. You can even give some bath items as well, such as organizers and soap dishes. The bath is seen by some people as a sacred and clean place, and giving them the best essentials would help make their experience much better.


Key Takeaway

Gifts, particularly from Unilever Network Philippines, are some of the best things that you can receive during the year, whether it be during birthdays or during holiday seasons. With these wonderful hygiene gift ideas, you would be guaranteed that you will be able to give your best gift ideas to your friends and family, and help them enjoy the special days even more.


UNET Philippines, being an independent distributor, aims to promote a lifestyle that embodies wellness and good hygiene. With our high-quality products, you are sure that you will only get the best.



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